Our Story

As was the case for the majority of the human race, 2020 & '21 proved to be two of the more 'unique' years of my life. It was a time when a not insignificant portion of the world, including the motorsport world, ground to an abrupt stop. This sudden and involuntary calendar clear-out created a drastic increase in free time, which for me, lead to a lot of dwelling on the motorsports events that had just evaporated into the ether. The flip side of that coin however was much more positive, it gave me time to stop and reminisce about the events that I had been lucky enough to both witness and be a part of, and realise just how utterly epic some of those moments had been. While I wish I could say this realisation was the result of some downward dog yoga pose or Wim Hof breathing protocol, truth be told, for the most part it was fuelled by one of my countless vices, good Whiskey.

I think most of us who enjoy a Whiskey, or indeed any decent tipple, will agree that the glassware matters. It is much more than simply a vessel to contain your drink of choice, it is an intrinsic part of the experience. Despite the fact I probably have a larger collection of tumblers than most, given all of the extra time I suddenly had with glass in hand, it occurred to me that none of them felt very "me", and thus began my search for something that did.

Unfortunately, while I had expected this to be a fairly straightforward quest, the reality was entirely different. I could very easily find glasses that paid tribute to various geographical features or had bullets, golf balls and countless other objects embedded in them, but any attempt to find something motorsport related turned up nothing more than some generic glassware with a bit of laser etching.

What I wanted was a glass that even before you picked it up would stimulate the mind and enhance Whiskey's innate ability to summon memories, while also providing an unavoidable point of conversation for anyone remotely like-minded.

I for one am a true believer that the line between engineering and art is extremely thin, and in some cases, very blurry. I defy anyone to look at the raw engineering genius of a '50s, '60s or '70s top-level race car from any discipline, and not find a level of beauty in the analogue mechanics underpinning these icons. Despite being designed with a singular focus on function, the complex geometry and construction of high-performance components somehow seem to result in a form that is all the more mesmerising.

From the outset, our goal was to celebrate this mechanical beauty by providing authentic, 1:1 scale models, of genuine motorsport pistons. A vague approximation could never hope to capture that intangible something that comes from genuine, functional engineering. For that reason all of the features of our tumblers, from the scalloped valve reliefs to the ring lands, oiling holes and the form of the skirt are all 100% faithful recreations, in fact, our forged bases are within 10 grams of the real piston. The only slight alteration is a little added girth to the wrist pin boss to allow the fitment of our glassware.

I hope you love them as much as we do.