Next Release - July '24


The YB 9.0:1 is our first design and pays homage to the Iconic Turbocharged 'YB' 4-Cylinder.


The mission of the Whiskey Piston Company is to produce a range of Ultra-High Quality Drinking Glasses that combine the Traditional Tumbler with CNC Finished, Forged Aluminium, 1:1 Scale Replica Pistons taken from Iconic Motorsport Engines.  


Why should I sign up?

We release a limited number of Tumblers once a month, each with an Individually Serialised ID Plate.

By signing up to our waiting list you will be sent the Release Date & Time, getting you to the front of the queue, and increasing your chance of securing a YB 9.0:1 Tumbler.

Rest assured we will never send spam or pass your details on to third parties.

Why the YB?

The YB 9.0:1 pays homage to the mighty turbocharged 'YB' 4-Cylinder that was such a ubiquitous part of motorsport in the late 80's and through the 90's.

This was the Group A era, an age when the fire breathing beasts tearing through Rally stages and battling door-to-door in Touring car races around the globe were more closely related to the machinery on your local dealership forecourt than at anytime before or since. 

This unique level of relatability seems to have endowed the YB, and other machinery of that period, with a unique ability to captivate nearly all generations of motorsport enthusiasts. 

It is for that reason we have chosen it to be the subject of our first product to market.

Are they really forged?


Our aluminium bases are manufactured in a very similar fashion to real motorsport pistons. We start with an ingot of solid aluminium which is Hot-Forged under immense pressure to form the basic shape.

This rough forging is then CNC milled to +/-0.05mm tolerances before cutting the valve reliefs, ring lands, oiling holes & wrist pin bore.

Will there be more designs in the future?

Absolutely! The YB 9.0:1 is just the start for the Whiskey Piston Company.

We already have a long list of future products just waiting to be brought to market. Whether your passion lies in JDM Legends, European Icons or American Muscle, with your support we will make it a reality. We might even delve into the world of two wheels...